Shop Disclaimer

By purchasing from this online platform(or any other outlet) you acknowledge and agree to all the below mentioned warnings and instructions.

The homemade/handmade products sold on this online platform are made by me in the same fashion and manner that I make them for myself.

I work in small batches, with natural/sustainable ingredients as much as possible.The combination of working in small batches and using handmade techniques brings with it a margin of error that is specific to homemade products and gives them their uniqueness.In appreciation to this uniqueness, I need all my customers to understand that NO TWO BATCHES WILL BE IDENTICAL, and the differences can range from barely to very evidently noticeable.

It is also with utmost conviction that i try to avoid commercial methods of preservation and only resort to natural/safe methods. Understanding that this is done in your best interest also means that the customer must participate in the effort of keeping these products safe & healthy and need to RESPECT PRODUCT STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE SPECIFICATION  and AVOID CONTAMINATION AFTER OPENING.

However, I also acknowledge that there is a very slight chance that a customer might find at the moment of opening a product that it has not been preserved properly and this may be the result of human error and/or the imperfection of milder/natural preserving methods or the lack of them.In this case the customer is ELIGIBLE FOR FULL REFUND OR EXCHANGE, whichever the preference of the buyer.Kindly contact me immediately with your photo documented problem and other details and I will do my best to get back to you with options for a favourable solution, insha'Allah.

I try to avoid synthetic ingredients(even those that are not harmful to humans) to the best of my abilities and only use them when there is an absolute need, in the attempt of promoting healthier choices for ourselves and the environment, and I label my products as clearly as possible for transparency purposes.Please be informed that any product, even if completely natural, can potentially cause allergic/adverse reactions and it's always advised to PATCH TEST BEFORE USING ANY NEW PRODUCT.