This handmade shampoos is made out of vegetable oil soap base enriched with nourishing hair oils and beneficial essential oils for a natural and safe hair cleaning alternative.

If this is your first attempt at using completely natural hair cleaning products please be reminded that this natural handmade shampoo is very different in composition to regular commercial shampoos, even sls free shampoos that are usually made of synthetic bases and hence the scalp will need some time to adjust to it.For further and more thorough information on the topic, please read my Guide to Natural Hair article on my BLOG.

Mild Shampoo

  • Ingredients:castor oil, coconut oil,olive oil, jojoba oil, water, lye, citric acid, ess. oils

    Qty 500 ml


    Store in cool place, away from sunlight.

    Always patch test any new products before use.