It was 2009 when i made my first soap batch in the attempt of catering to my son's then diagnosed eczema naturallly and I've never looked back since.
The desire to make and use pure products that compliment the skin's balance and self healing properties has kept this soapmaking passion alive and the soap bars you'll find in this online shop are the exact same ones we use on ourselves and our children with utmost confidence in their natural purity.
I don't add unnecessary additives and enhancers, I especially try to avoid synthetic compounds, even those that have been proven safe to use in the attempt of offering an environmentally friendly product. The truth is synthetic compounds are more difficult to break down in nature and are foreign or hard to recognise in the natural chemical cycle and these soap bars are a testament to the fact that we are responsible for so much more than our own selves.
I only scent the soaps with essential oils which also have therapeutic properties and whenever applicable I not only add herbal essential oils but also infuse the actual herbal ingredients in the oils and water I use for the soap making, multiplying the therapeutic benefits this way.

Handmade Natural Soap Bars

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  • Ingredients: lavender infusion, lavender infused olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, beeswax,lye,alkanet infused olive oil, kaolin clay, vit. E oil, essential oils (lavender, citrus)