A luxurious scrub for the whole body, loaded with natural active ingredients (coffee,cocoa butter, shea butter and effective essential oils) that will exfoliate, cleanse, reduce blemishes and nourish your skinn with instantly noticeable smoothness as well as reduce cellulite  with continuous use.

Anti Cellulite Body Scrub

  • Ingredients: brown sugar, coffee, cocoa butter,shea butter,olive oil, coconut oil sodium bicarbonate, cinnamon powder, arrowroot powder,essential oils (cinnamon, rosemary, geranium, juniper,grapefruit), vit E oil

    Qty: 150 gm

    NOTE: As this product does not contain preservatives it's important to avoid contamination by hand.Use a clean utensil to remove the amount of scrub you need or pour in the palm of your hands instead of scooping with wet fingers.

    Always patch test any new product before use.

    Store in cool dry place.