NUTELLA, NUTELLA, NUTELLA...enough said.Who doesn't love it and, more importantly, who doesn't feel guilty after overdoing it?If only there was a way of making it healthier...oh, wait, there is! Fortunately, the recipe I'll share today is lover in fat, higher in hazelnut (or other nut) content and sugar free (sweetened with honey).


-50 gm coconut milk (see NOTES at bottom)

-90 gm oil

-50 gm honey

-1 tbsp cocoa powder (good quality)

-1/2 tsp vanilla essence

-a generous pinch of salt

-90 gm nuts or nut butter (hazelnut is the most commonly thought of but my personal favourite is walnut and other nuts will also work really well)

All ingredients must be measured by weight and must be at room temperature

Equipment you'll need:

-handheld blender

-a good chopper/food processor (to chop the nuts)


In a jug, measure out all the ingredients, except the nuts.Immerse the handheld blender and start blending on high speed.Keep the blender close to the bottom of the jug. As you blend, slowly start moving the blender towards the surface; you'll notice the mixture emulsify (mix).Keep moving the blender in an up-down motion until you get a smooths, creamy textured spread.

If you don't have nut butter, chop your nuts(walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashew all work well) to as fine a consistency you can.

Add the nut butter/chopped nuts to your spread and blend well.Store in a clean container and keep refrigerated.Consume within a week.


1)This spread can also be frozen for longer storage but once thawed the mixture will split.Just let the spread reach room temperature and shake the jar vigorously and the spread will emulsify again.

2)If you wish to make a chocolate spread without nuts, you must reduce the coconut milk quantity to 35 gm to get the right consistency.


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