This is a revised post for homemade pasta.In the hopes of making things easier, I tried to make the recipe and the steps as clear to follow as possible.

Kids always love to get involved in making pasta so get it going and soon enough everyone will be at the counter helping you. It's a really fun filled way of teaching your children where food comes from, why we need to be more careful with waste and pay more attention to what ingredients we use.

As far as ingredients go, the recipe is quite simple.For every egg I use, I add 1 tbsp of water and as much flour as can be incorporated.

Crack the eggs and add the water to them, whisk.Start adding the whole wheat flour and whisk to incorporate.Keep adding the flour until it's too dry to whisk.Remove on a hard surface to knead.

Add flour and keep kneading until you get a hard but smooth textured dough.Cover it with a cling wrap and let it rest for at least 1 hour.

Roll out a small amount of dough as thin as seeing your hand through it by generously flouring it throughout.

Roll the sheet up and cut into strips, unravel the strips and there you have it...pasta.


When using the pasta fresh, it is wise to remember that cooking time will be significantly reduced, it

can be boiled in as little as 4 minutes.


You may also dry the pasta, lightly spread the flour dusted pasta on paper sheets and let it dry in open air. During the Karachi humid summer months it is advised you run a fan to speed up the process. Turn the pasta over from time to time until completely dried and crisp. Keep it air tight for later use.


You can use your freshly rolled out pasta sheet in you lasagna recipes. No pre-cooking required. Just roll out the dough really thin, place it in your baking dish, cover with the mince and sauces,add another raw pasta sheet, repeat the layering and bake.

To get the dry lasagna sheets you'll need to skip cutting the pasta sheets into thin strips and rather cut it in larger rectangular strips and dry on paper until crisp.

I hope you will find this recipe easy enough to try it out and enjoy.