This is an all natural moisturiser especially suitable for those who have oily skin or don't like the greasy feel of oil based natural lotions.It is made of flaxseeds, flaxseed mucilage to be more precise, which gently tightens and tones the skin and it also leaves the skin feeling so soft and smooth, not to mention that it does an amazing job as a detangler and curl definer as well and you get a third use out of the leftover flax paste(see BONUS point below) so it's really a 3 in 1 deal,Subhanallah, why did we ever come up with all of the synthetic and/or toxic substitutes?!

I use this moisturiser for my naughty curls which get so frizzy and tangled in the humid Karachi summer.A daily application helps me comb the tangles out of my hair without transforming my head into a broom. My curls stay defined, the frizz under control and there is no greasy buildup even after several days of application.

The recipe is super simple and the ingredients are easy to get so I encourage you to give it a go.


20 gm flax seeds

200 ml boiling water

1 tbsp glycerin

1 tbsp rose water

10-20 drops of essential oils (optional)

1.Grind your flax seeds to crack them open.Pour the cracked seeds in the boiling water.Stir from time to time until the mixture cools.

2.Strain the liquid with a muslin and add the rest of the ingredients to it and mix.

Store in a clean container and keep refrigerated for 2-3 weeks.

BONUS:You can use the leftover flaxmeal paste as a poultice to tone loose skin. Spread it on a clean cloth and heat it up over steam, apply it as a hot compress on areas where skin needs toning and firming(e.g. double chin, tummy etc.) for deep penetration.

source: New Natural Beauty by Liz Earle