DATE FUDGE BROWNIES(processed sugar and gluten free)

There is a lot to be said about sugar.We know now that sugar is as addictive as some pretty hard drugs out there and yet it’s still one of the most widely available and most consumed ingredients out there.It’s infiltrated almost every product from bread to yogurt and even those who want to stay away from it will probably end up ingesting it without even realising.

The following is a recipe in which I use dates to sweeten the brownies.The brownies are not low in calories, that is not how I define healthy, but their sweetness comes from a natural source, that is not only easier for the body to metabolise but is also accompanied by other essential vitamins,fibre and minerals that our bodies need.The problem with white sugar, after all, is that it’s overly processed, it becomes so purified that our bodies go in overdrive when having to deal with it.

By replacing flour with coconut flour, the brownies manage to keep a low glycemic index (for a desert) and cater to those sensitive or allergic to gluten.

Ingredients: butter(dairy/nut) or greek yogurt 100 gm (tastes better with peanut butter) dates 250-300 gm good quality cocoa powder 6 tbsp eggs 2 coconut flour (I just finely chop the desiccated coconut) 3/4 cup salt 1/4 tsp vanilla essence (optional) 1 tbsp

Soak the dates in warm water for at least 15 min, strain and chop in a food processor.

Mix the butter with the date paste, then add the cocoa powder,vanilla, salt and mix well.

Incorporate eggs and finally add the coconut flour.Spread in lined/greased baking tray.Bake in preheated over at 170 C until firmed to touch.Best served after refrigeration. Enjoy!

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