Blog Disclaimer

When you read this blog, you are informed of and acknowledge the fact that it is written with the best of intentions but with no claims of professional knowledge or expertise.

I am but a simple person, a dweller of this passing world and all my efforts are invested in the struggle of leaving this place in a better state than the one I have found it in.It is not enough to point out the problems, although acknowledging them is said to be the first step towards a solution. Life needs to be about more than just complaining, it needs to be about taking steps, preferably forward, and working hard for what you believe can make a difference for you and, more importantly, for the community you live in.And this is what my blog strives for.

We have a collective responsibility to look after this wonderful gift of life and land. In the light of this, I feel the need to share whatever thoughts or convictions are born from the struggles I face and overcome and I hope to inspire a collective movement for change, no matter how insignificant, slow or unrealistic it may seem.I share but ideas that I have, you may want to implement them or not, maybe experiment and change the recipe to your taste, maybe get back with additional thoughts on different topics, the channel of communication is open and non-judgmental.

Anything I write, I write because I believe in it and I welcome all of you to frank and respectful conversations, please share your ideas, requests and most importantly learn to think for yourselves, don't take anyone's word for granted, not even mine...

No one will have your (and your family's) best interest at heart more than you.