Assalam o alekum, I'm Amna.

As a MUSLIM WOMAN, my relationship with my Creator defines every aspect of my life and work.I reverted to Islam in 2007 and, since then, I've been continuously working on harmonising my spiritual journey and the strive for the hereafter with the responsibilities and obligations of this world. I found that moderation and an attentive analysis of motivation is a good rule of thumb for day to day challenges.


As a WIFE, MOTHER, DAUGHTER and  SISTER  my duty to my family is my top priority.In recent years the building block of a healthy functioning society, the FAMILY, has been exposed to an immense amount of pressure to break and deteriorate its core bonds and values and I feel very passionately about re-defining these family bonds and reviving healthy relationships within family members .I strongly believe in the role of the women as nurturers and micro managers and that of men as pillars of stability and macro managers. It seems but natural to me to also strive to revive the sense of responsibility towards the COMMUNITY in the hopes of reviving the strong communal bonds that once were the foundation of our society, the mutual understanding of the fact that everyone's active participation in community affairs benefits all individuals in ways that segregated living and selfish pursuits can't.


I've been living in PAKISTAN for many years now but I'm originally from a EUROPEAN country and I pride myself with an insight of both worlds and this gives me a rare view on every aspect of life, faith and traditions.I grew up in a household where we picked our own herbal tea, used to make our own preserves and where I've spent many a childhood afternoon whisking away over a bowl of homemade mayonnaise.(never heard of store bought mayo until I moved to Pakistan)


MY MOTHER was a hard working woman, she’d find time for a job and homesteading, feeding the family home cooked meals and  food for the soul, raising me and my siblings with an open mind and healthy values, always reminding us of our dependence on and duty towards our Creator. She has set a terribly difficult example to follow and it is through her ideal that I get motivated to constantly work on improving myself.

FUN FACT=I spent 4 years in Military College

I speak several LANGUAGES fluently and I love learning new ones.I have an undying interest for PSYCHOLOGY and COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES in general. I see individuals so disconnected from themselves and their inner being and it's time to re-connect and start living mindfully with ourselves, our communities and our Creator and here is where these therapies come in handy and help in restoring a balanced way of life. I also love a good CHALLENGE, which is why I feel self reliance is such an adventure. I always have to figure something new out,I sometimes succeed, sometimes fail but most importantly I always LEARN A LESSON and that's what life is all about, learning your lesson and moving on to the next one, advancing physically, emotionally and SPIRITUALLY.Life is too short to allow yourself to get stuck in a rut, use up all your precious chances to better yourself.

      MY MOTTO=Do the Best with what you Have          

As a HOMEMAKER  with aspirations of living a low impact lifestyle  I currently make my own clothing or buy second hand (I can't remember the last time I bought something new, it's just so wasteful);I cook homemade food and make homemade, healthier alternatives to commercial/processed edibles; I have substituted most of our bath, beauty and cleaning products to natural handmade ones; I consider my responsibility for my family and my home among my top priorities; I home-school my children in the hopes of raising them in a morally sound and spiritually enlightening environment and enabling them to find their calling as opposed to giving in to peer and societal pressure.


As the person behind Gavrilev my aim is to inspire and enable as many individuals as possible to make smarter choices that will benefit their life, health and the well being of their families and communities.It is also important for me to revive the passion and appreciation for homemade & handmade products and the desire for making them at home in the attempt of returning to the good old basics of natural living.

TAGLINE=from Nature, to Nurture

In the FUTURE I'd like to reach out and engage as many community members to educate themselves and others about the beauty and benefits of a mindful, healthy and responsible lifestyle.I'd like to build on and expand some of my basic knowledge of healthy living and therapy practices to be able to help and benefit others with tools and practices to enable life long changes and commitment for better, healthier and low impact life choices, insha'Allah (God willing).I'd also love to expand the range of things I make at home to include an urban garden, although I've been quite unsuccessful with it until now (I won't give up though).

I'd like to empower women to find their calling to productively contribute in the community but , at the same time, not be afraid to take a step back and put their families first on that list to cater to.

In the long run, it would be a dream come true to have a little commercial space of my own to showcase the natural goodness of freshly made products and to offer support, counselling and holistic solutions to modern day problems.Please pray that I may one day succeed in doing so .